Outdoor Adventures with the Pups

  • Dan throwing the ball for the pups on a nice sunny day
  • Dan and I at the Calgary Humane Society's annual dog jog
  • The pups playing chase with each other on one of our fall pack walks
  • Me and my pack enjoying a nice summer day
  • Me and the pack enjoying a fall day
  • The pack running around on a winter day
  • Our two girls, Brooklyn and Betsy, all cuddled up in bed
  • Nacho, a little chihuahua was cold on one of our walks so I put him in my jacket with me
  • Our two cats cuddled up in the bathroom sink. They think its their bed,
  • Me and Moose, a St. Bernard. His head is two times the size of mine
  •  Dan, myself, and the pack on the top of a mountain we hiked on a gorgeous winter day
  • 3 cute pups out for a nice leash walk
  • The pack resting under a shady tree after a walk on a beautiful summer day
  • Another 3 pups out for a leash walk on a hot summer day
  • Me leash walking a few small pups around the neighbourhood

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